• Affiliate Marketing

    ClickBank Demystified: Listing Your First Product

    As Paypal limits some online marketers’ accounts, there’s been a resurgence of interest in selling products via ClickBank.
    ClickBank takes the payment for you, deals with taxes and basically acts as a middle man between your product and customers.

  • Growing Your Business

    What You Never Know about Your New Customers

    Someone just bought your $10 ebook. Big deal, right? This customer may or may not ever make another purchase from you again.
    Well… what if you treat ALL of your customers as though they are worth $1,000 to you, or even $10,000?

  • Copywriting

    The Secret Copywriters NEVER Tell You

    It’s all about fancy copywriting and Jedi mind tricks to make the sale with your copy, right?
    After all, that’s what most copywriters will tell you.

  • Instant Start Ups

    The Power of a Name

    If you have an animal shelter, what’s the best way to get more eyes on your critters and more people coming in the door to adopt?

  • Infomation Publishing

    Nothing is Neutral on Social Media

    To grow your social media following, it’s vital that you post content consistently.
    You might test to find how often you should post for your audience, and also monitor competitors to see how often they post and how well it’s working for them.

  • Internet Marketing

    If You’re Good at Marketing, You Don’t Need Products

    Heck, you don’t need services or customers, for that matter.
    You just need clients.

  • Email Marketing

    The 4 Day Rainmaker Campaign

    This might well be one of the easiest, most profitable campaigns you’ll ever run. It’s worked for years for other people, and can work for you, too.
    Rumor has it this campaign (or some incarnation if it) originated from Frank Kern over a decade ago. We’ve used it recently, and we’ll keep using it every month or two because it’s simple and it flat out works at making sales.

  • Email Marketing

    Cliffhanger Emails that Hook New Subscribers

    Have you ever gotten hooked on a series like Breaking Bad or Stranger Things? There is a reason for their cult-like following, and we can use that device to get our new subscribers to open our emails and LOVE us.

List Building

15 Trust Building Phrases

Some of these can be used in the written word, and all of them can be used in conversation to build trust with almost anyone.
1: “What can I do to help?”